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Who are we ?

We are a family-owned company producing the micro-algae “Spirulina” created since 2014. The very active associates are composed of a General Engineer in Aquaculture, an Engineer in Mechanical and Food Engineering, an Interior Architect and an Engineer in Aquatic Ecosystem Production. The work is followed by a confirmed technical staff according to a rigorous control process and an extreme care at all the levels of production, treatment and conditioning of the product.

Our mode of production

Our 1.5 ha farm includes a Multichapel greenhouse with low-rise cropping ponds, a technical building, a water reservoir, a reverse osmosis unit for water treatment and solar panels for renewable energy production. The paddle wheel stirring mode is friendly and allows each spiral filament to circulate smoothly and rhythmically, without breaking them, in accordance with the algal growth mode. Harvesting takes place in the technical building a few meters from the basins under the greenhouse. At a concentration according to the growth curve, the middle of production is filtered in vibrating filters designed and manufactured on site. The drained dough, extruded as spaghetti on racks, is dried in the dryer at a temperature below 45° C to preserve the quality of the nutrients of the microalgae. The spirulina in flakes obtained is subsequently packaged in several forms (flakes, powder, tablets, capsules, etc.) by machines dedicated to this activity.

Our prospectives and innovations

Micro-algae are considered an important source of nutrients, given their high productivity and their richness in proteins, lipids and various bioactive substances, particularly unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory pigments (phycocyanin, isocarotene, chlorophyll..), which gives them a sought interest in the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and bioenergetic sectors. To enhance these bioactive and essential nutrients for health, EDEN LIFE has concluded a cooperation agreement with the National Institute of Marine Science and Technology (NIMST) with the aim of enhancing the results of research in this field, acquired in the laboratory over the last few decades, by its team of Microalgae Biotechnology, with a view to swarming industry by extrapolation to pilot scale.